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Free ads Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free Ads Canada’?

Free Ads Canada is a Web 2.0 Wiki Style Free Ad, Advertising and Classifieds Portal. In fact, Free Ads Canada is the world's first all-in-one Web 2.0 Ad, Advertising and Classified - Free Advertising Portal.

We found it difficult to place what Ads and Classifieds we wanted on the Internet,  having to use many different sites for the same purpose, being restricted on what, how and when we could do it. Lengthy registration processes and difficult entry forms, and so we created Free Ads Canada Ad and Classified Portal.

Free Ads Canada is the first in a series of many exciting Web 2.0 Portals we are developing for the community.

As people place ads, advertising, classifieds, articles, events, news, holiday offers, travel vouchers, and photos, you'll be able to discover new and exciting stuff, and our simple ‘book-like’ scroll functions allow you to browse interesting ads, classifieds, and exciting categories.

Free Ads Canada Ad portal allows anyone to place FREE ads and classifieds. You choose the ad categories for your advertising and, because of the portal's smart programming, your ad should appear more relevant when people search for information on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.

How much does it cost ?

It is 100% FREE to place Ads, Advertising, Classifieds on the Free Ads Canada Ad portal

Most Advertising is acceptable on the Free Ads Canada Ad portal, however, please ensure the Ads are of "QUALITY" content. We DO NOT allow ads that resemble spam or ads that are pornographic in nature.

I just want to check out the portal. How do I start?

You do not need to register to use the Free Ads Canada Web 2.0 Ad Portal. You are free to browse the ads, classifieds and categories, send ads and classifieds to friends and vote on the ad ranking. Take you time and have fun.

You need to register to use some of the features like ‘place free advertising’, ‘bookmark’ and ‘edit functions’.

How do I place an Ad, Advertising or Classified?

Free Ads Canada Web 2.0 Ad Portal is quick, easy, effective and affordable - because it’s free!

There are NO restrictions on how many ads you can place. Simple hit the 'Place FREE Advertising' button to place more ads.

Our Web 2.0 design allows for maximum optimisation and it's you who controls the ad and classified article content and ad relevance! This helps your Ad get noticed more often, helps your site ranking and, of course, we hope, helps make you money!

To add a new item, just hit the 'Place Free Advertising' button on the portal. You will be taken to a simple-to-use ad page.

What is ‘Ad Ranking’ ?

Ad Ranking™ is an algorithm-formulated system (a nerd phrase for mathematical programming) developed by our team of experts.

People can vote for an ad or classified and this then increases the ad’s individual ranking. Ads with a higher ranking will of course rank higher in our search results and other interesting features!

To vote, simply move your mouse over the star rating and click on the rating you wish to give the ad or classified.

NOTE: Please do not try to increase your own ads ranking! Our algorithm uses an advanced formulated system. If it was possible to achieve 10/10, it would take tens of thousands of people and a lot of clicking.

Be patient and honest, make your ad simple but effective, add a few good photos and offer something of value to your clients. This will help to spread the word of your ad and therefore increase its ranking.

Place a link to Free Ads Canada on your website, blog, or MySpace to get more publicity for your ad or classified.

I want to update my ad description, image and category.

Descriptions, images and additional categories can be added or edited using the controls on the ad display page.

You'll need to register to place an ad and manage these options. Some ads are locked from editing.

To update the body description, hit the 'edit description' link. The body description will become an editable text field.

To add images, just hit the 'manage images' link.

To add other associated categories to your ads, just hit the 'manage category' link. Place another quick ad by hitting the 'Place Free Advertising' button.

You can place as many "QUALITY" ads as you like.

Please Note: Free Ads Canada ad portal is an anti spam site. Gatekeepers are employed to quickly remove any ads or classifieds that do not comply with our regulations.

You can add extra categories if you feel the ad spans several categories. For example, the ad  ‘Red Bull' could have a search word™ category of  ‘Drink',  ‘Energy Drink', ’Power Drink’, 'Extreme Sport' or ‘World's Favourite Drink'. 

Once you have created a category, it will be available for other members to add items to.

The ‘Ad Title’ and ‘Ad Category’ are both what we call ‘Search Words™’. This is how people searching for your ad will find you. Your ad ‘Title' and 'Category’ will become  direct hits with Google and other key search engines and search terms. Try it – place an ad then wait and see.

What is a ‘bookmark’?

Once registered you can bookmark interesting ads. These ads are stored in your profile page. You will be able to look back and see updates on ads as they become available.

What is ‘Flag as Inappropriate'?

If you feel that an ad or classified is inappropriate, simple hit the ‘Flag as Inappropriate’ button. The ad will be sent to our gate keeper who is responsible for maintaining ad content.

Please read our terms and conditions for specific questions relating to inappropriate ads.

How do I update my profile?

You can check your details and bookmarks from your profile page. Just hit your nickname in the top let hand corner.

You will be taken to a member’s area where you can see your profile and bookmarks.

Do you have RSS and other subscriptions?

RSS 2.0 feeds are available for multiple areas of our website:

General feed from the homepage: This lists the latest ads that have been added to Free Ads Canada.

Category feed: This will give you the latest additions to an ad category. Just hit the RSS link from the category listing that you want to to keep track of.

I want to report a bug/problem/abuse.

Contact us using the  buttons at the bottom of each page.

How do we make money?

Like many other portals, we may choose to run sponsors’ ads, affiliate ads, or partner with other companies.

If you are interested in advertising or investing, please contact us.

I want to make a portal like this.

Do you have a good idea for a Web 2.0 Portal, business or website? Speak to us first! We may partner with you. Put a suggestion into our incubator and if we like it, we will contact you.

Want to start Free Ads Canada in your country?

Contact us today with a proposal. Don't waste your time trying to copy our portal - partner with us or purchase our business system instead.

We are currently working on a number of new and exciting Web 2.0 Portals. Register on this site to get the latest gossip, news, updates and VIP invitations.

My question hasn’t been answered here.

No problem! Contact us any time with any question, concern, idea or suggestion - anything at all.

Please, be patient regarding responses as we are dealing with a number of new ideas and cannot reply immediately to all requests.

Want to develop with us or work for us?

Please use the contact details in the 'Contact Us' page.

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Cool advertising we like!
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